Giardineria Italiana

Giardineria Italiana Società Cooperativa Sociale Soc. Coop. Soc. - Sede operativa: via Bonellina, 68- Sede legale: VIA Carlo Levi, 15/A Loc. Ferruccia 51031 Agliana (Pistoia) - P.IVA 01355320472 Note legali

The proposed services

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Giardineria Italiana is able to construe designs developed by landscape architects and garden designers and to carry out any kinds of gardens or to propose directly to the client its own design.

Giardineria Italiana's gardeners can deal with the planting of big exemplar trees or build or restore formal gardens with complex drawings of boxwoods or yews. Its foremen were trained to relate in the best way to the Works Management and the clients.

Garden Care and Maintenance Plants and Gardens Garden Systems and Fittings